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The strategy, the energetics, the mindset.. of CONSISTENT $100K cash months.

What to do. How to do it.

The sales piece.
The content piece.
The marketing piece.
The behind-the-scenes piece (HUGE).
The emotional intelligence piece.
The money pathway piece (MASSIVE).

This is a program where $100K cash months are the desire.. and then they become the standard and the norm.


  • 5 Video Modules
  • 2 Video Q&A Recordings
  • Diversified Offer Suite Breakdown (PDF)
  • High Level Experience Worksheet (PDF)
I've been selling online for 19 years, and I'm not afraid to say that I'm REALLY good at it.

This is years and years of experience, education, mentorship, experimentation, lessons, and successes.

My knowledge around selling (especially online) is something I'm so proud of.

But what I'm MOST proud of...

Is that I teach sales in a way that NO ONE else does.


A strategy for sales that leaves jaws on the floor and puts money in the bank - consistently.

You do NOT need to be a coach for this to work for you. As long as you sell online, this strategy can help you to make more sales and A LOT more money.

[Once I started doing this, I had a 6-figure month the next month. Now I have $500K+ cash months doing the same thing.]

It works. EXTREMELY well.

In this program, I am teaching you the art of unconventional sales.


  • 5 Video Modules

    This truth SET ME FREE.

    The truth of what it was like to really TRUST.

    I had to trust myself to make the "right" decision.

    I had to trust that I was being guided in the direction that was meant for me.

    I had to trust that others would buy from me, at prices I wanted to charge.

    I had to trust that I wouldn't "mess it up".

    I had to trust that my offers would sell.

    I had to trust in myself when I would make huge investments.

    I had to trust in my business.

    I had to trust in my big, bold moves.

    I had to trust in it all.

    I now live a life of LIMITLESS prosperity.

    A life where I can truly be, do, have, and experience anything my heart desires.

    Where $500K+ cash months and freedom in all areas of my life and business is normal.

    Because I've learned how to trust.. and I want to teach you how to access this code for yourself... so that you can finally trust, too.

    Trust yourself
    Trust others
    Trust your power

    And so it is..


    • 3 Video Modules

      I'm receiving money in a way that very few can comprehend..

      At a speed most don't even dare to dream of, it seems impossible..

      I'm here to tell you - it's possible. I'm proof of that.

      We can collapse time around money and receive it faster and faster than ever before.

      These are TANGIBLE methods for collapsing time around money.

      It's like pouring rocket fuel on your results.

      $30K months become $30K weeks become $30K days.

      Prepare to have your mind blown.

      Prepare for rapid expansion & transformation.

      We're moving fast. This is about collapsing time, after all. πŸ˜‰


      • 5 Video Modules

        Launch Queen is a program where you'll discover how to launch your offer, attract high level clients that are ready to invest, and make effortless sales your new normal.

        No sales calls necessary.
        No sales pages necessary.
        No daily livestreams necessary.

        Here's what I share with you in Launch Queen:

        πŸ’² Creating content that inspires people to buy your offer

        πŸ’² The REAL reason people buy (and how to create offers that SELL)

        πŸ’² How to share your message in an authentic way that attracts the RIGHT people to you

        πŸ’² The power of the TEASE (how to get them ready to buy before you've even launched anything)

        πŸ’² Launch timelines (how long should your launch be?)

        πŸ’² Setting up your launch in a way that will make people scream YES when you finally release it (and then buy immediately)

        πŸ’² What to say, how to say it, and WHEN to say it for the best sales results

        πŸ’² Creating sales content that sells your offer FOR you

        πŸ’² The best way to sell that feels AMAZING, and NOT sleazy!

        πŸ’² My exact method for launching an offer that gets immediate sales (you'll never launch another way again!)

        πŸ’² Launching do's and don'ts to make the most money from your launch

        πŸ’² How to create buzz and excitement around your launch

        πŸ’² How to attract IDEAL people to sign up for your offers (soulmate clients only!)

        πŸ’² Your social media sales plan for MASSIVE MONEY from your launch

        πŸ’² The 3 pillars of a profitable launch and how to implement each of them to have your most profitable launch yet!

        Prepare to have your mind blown!

        • 4 Video Modules

          I proudly introduce to you...

          "I'M IN!"

          The program that will teach you how to attract ready-to-buy clients who say yes to your offers (and ACTUALLY sign up).

          This is a program about visibility & power.

          When you show up in a certain way, people notice, and they respond.

          I've developed a method for showing up in a way that attracts seriously powerful people who easily & happily say yes, and go all in.

          They message
          They ask for the link
          I send the link
          They buy

          During the "I'M IN!" program, I share the method for attracting EAGER BUYERS.

          The way you show up will call forward those who are ready, who have the money, and who LOVE to spend that money on themselves.

          You will master the art of powerful visibility & leadership.

          People will be naturally drawn to you.

          "There's something about her.. I can't get enough..", they'll say.

          They will be magnetized to whatever you offer, at any price point - and they will buy.


          • 7 Video Modules

            One of the greatest things I've ever discovered on my journey to building a multi-million dollar coaching business is how to sell in a way where THE FLOW NEVER STOPS.

            The sales continue.

            Always. Every day.

            No matter how I feel. No matter what state the world is in. No matter what the economy is doing.

            A constant flow of sales.

            This required me to understand and execute a strategy that would allow me.. no matter what.. to always be able to..

            CALL IN THE CASH. 

            Get ready for money overflow like never before!!

            • 5 Video Modules

              This is HOW to sell every day...

              Without overwhelm
              Without annoying your audience
              Without coming off as desperate
              Without being "salesy"
              Without confusing people with your offers

              This is the STRATEGY & MINDSET to seeing *multiple* sales EVERY day in your business.

              This specifically for those of you who don't want $0 days, but who want to see cash coming in ALL of the time, on the daily.

              What I'm going to teach you in this program is what allowed me to scale from $600K / year to over $2.8 million dollars cash (in 12 months).


              • 5 Video Modules

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                - MASTERCLASSES -

                Behind The Scenes Sales
                The majority of my sales happen *behind the scenes*..

                Meaning the offers don't even make it to social media where everyone can see them.

                Selling BTS is something I've done for years, and my system just gets better and better every year!

                Over 2/3 of my sales came from behind the scenes pathways last year (that's more than $4 million CASH).. and I've never shown you exactly HOW it is that I do this.


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                The one people choose.. again and again and again.

                The one people love to buy from.

                The one people see as their person.

                The one.

                It's about how to be so legendary, so iconic, that you turn heads.. people see you and can't look away.

                People experience you and they don't ever want to leave.


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                I've discovered a very special way to manifest whatever I want in life.

                My Dream Home
                Business Growth

                This way of manifestation feels light, feels fun, feels expansive, and best of all..

                Makes dreams come true!!

                That's what I'm sharing with you in The Field masterclass!


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                Something that I'm really good at is making money online.

                And I make money from a place of ease, every single day.

                No burnout required.

                I have very specific money-making activities that I spend my time & energy on.

                These activities result in cash every day. More sales than ever before.

                It gets to be easy. It gets to be fun. The 24/7 hustle isn't necessary.

                I've decided to share these money-making activities, and my method for easy sales.

                It's called... Cash Codes.


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                There's a certain VIBE we're going for:

                The vibe of:

                "I don't know what it is, but I'm so drawn to this person and want everything she's selling!"

                There's a way to position yourself to get this kind of reaction.

                I've mastered it.

                The above comment is something I hear EVERY SINGLE DAY (that's not an exaggeration).

                I know how to draw attention.

                I know exactly what to say that gets people to look at me and pay attention to what I'm saying.

                I know how to share certain types of content that give a response of "I'm in!" every time - with people buying usually within hours or even minutes of first finding me.

                I've had PIF $60K payments from people who just found me that day and decided they wanted to work with me 1:1.

                In the What To Post On The Internet masterclass, you're going to learn 2 things:

                How To Grab & Hold Attention Online (grow your audience)
                How To Sell To Your Audience With Ease (increase your sales)


                Recorded Masterclass Video


                >> You no longer hear crickets when you post your offers.
                >> People reach out to you right away, ready to buy.
                >> Your DMs fill up with people who want to work with you.
                >> Your content leads people to message you & ask to buy.
                >> Your posts are regularly engaging and selling your offers.

                :: More DMs
                :: More "send me the link!" messages
                :: More sales

                That's what will start happening after you watch this masterclass!!


                Recorded Video Masterclass

                This is one of my favourite masterclasses!

                I've been having multiple 6-figure cash months for years now and people always assume that this is because I have lots of big pay in fulls, which is incorrect.

                Most of my sales actually come from low-ticket / low priced offers.

                That's right, over $200,000+ cash from low ticket offers alone!

                This didn't happen by accident or because I'm lucky. It happened because I *made* it happen with a specific strategy and implementation process.

                In this masterclass, I'm sharing with you how to create, launch, AND sell low-ticket offers that can generate multiple 6-figures cash / month!!


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                There is one sales strategy that I've used for years that works for me better than anything else:

                Using CURIOSITY.

                Getting people eager and willing to buy from you is easier when you know how to be a bit of a tease. ;)

                In order to really NAIL this:

                There's a LANGUAGE that you use.
                There's an OFFER STRUCTURE that you use.
                There's a social media LURE that you use.

                It's a fine art... an art that is worth millions...

                And I'm going to teach it to you in the Curiosity masterclass!


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                Over the course of 12 months I went through a radical transformation..

                My business grew at lightening speed.

                From $600K/ year to $2.8M/year in cash.

                With more time, fun, and freedom than ever before.

                More money in the bank than I ever have, and still invested close to half a million dollars in 12 months of high level mentorship, brought home a brand new Mercedes, went on trips, and spent / bought myself whatever I wanted.

                In absolute effortless overflow.

                Where the money continues to flow in, no matter what I do or don't do.

                Because I'm energetically aligned for it.

                I've discovered the mechanics of transcending limitation.

                This masterclass is for you if:

                You want to step out of your box.
                You want more money in more ways.
                You want effortlessness.
                You want ease.
                You want to break through the chains and FLY.


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                Selling multiple offers at once is how I was able to scale from $10K months to $30K. And then from $30K months to $80K. And then from $80K to $100K+. And all the way up to $800K cash / month.

                It changed everything for me.

                But I had to be strategic about it. Throwing a bunch of offers at the internet with no real strategy will not lead to more sales. It will lead to NO sales - just overwhelm and confusion.

                A strategy is necessary.

                Luckily, after doing this for many years now, I've tested all kinds of strategies around selling multiple offers at once, and I've landed on one that works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

                I use this strategy in my business every month.

                It's made me multiple millions of dollars.

                Now, I'm showing it to you so that you can do this too!


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                During this class, I'm sharing with you the "secrets" that I discovered in April that led me to have an $884K cash month.

                Over $1M cash received in 40 days. Over $4M cash in less than 4 months.

                >> Collapsing timelines
                >> The biggest energy shift
                >> The missing sales pieces
                >> The offer volcano
                E>> levated mindset practice

                There were a few small micro-shifts that I made over these 4 months (especially in April!). While they were small, they had a massive impact in how quickly I was able to receive. Money kept coming in faster and faster when I made these shifts. These new codes landed for me in a really powerful way, and I know they'll do the same for you.

                Your next million could happen faster than you can even imagine.

                I'm excited to break this down for you and show you HOW!! 


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                This masterclass is about sales, but it's specifically about how to sell to a really small audience (2,000 followers or less).

                What to post
                How to post
                Types of offers
                Unique sales strategies

                This is all the stuff that I did in my first year of business when I had a super small number of followers (I ended up having a $250K cash year my very first year in business because of this).


                Recorded Masterclass Video

                Every single day, sales flow in.

                Thousands and thousands of dollars.

                No matter how I feel.

                This is because I’ve built so many different money pathways in my business that I can’t NOT make money every day.

                The way that things are set up behind the scenes means that money is coming in daily, whether I'm happy, sad, excited, or frustrated. My mood doesn't dictate my sales.

                This strategy is the foundation of my business.

                It’s the reason that $500K+ cash months are normal for me.

                When the sales foundation is solid, you make sales daily. From all kinds of offers, at all kinds of price points.

                And your income continues to GROW consistently.

                This is the vibe of Money Pathways.


                Recorded Masterclass Video

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